Summer – The Donna Summer Musical Show

Summer: The Donna Summer Music Show is a musical based on the late great Donna Summer, written by Paul Jabara and John Cusack, featuring songs written by Des McAnuff, Robert Cary, Colman Domingo, and others. It is one of the most interesting musicals that’s been produced in years and will be the perfect accompaniment for your summer picnics and garden parties.

Summer The Donna Summer Musical

Summer is a play about Summer’s life as an actress, a singer, a dancer, a musician, a teacher, a friend, a family man, and even a husband and father. She played on stage and television for decades, earning more accolades for her roles than she could count.

Summer – The Donna Summer Musical was a big star in the 1970s as she and her husband entertained us all with their enchanting characters and hilarious songs. One song, “I’ll Be Your Cowboy”, is still fondly remembered. The lyrics are a reflection on summer’s relationships with men, “we knew when we made love “my love makes me crazy with joy”. If you want to enjoy the great music from Donna Summer’s career, this show is going to be a must-see!

With songs performed by The Turtles, The Supremes, David Bowie, Elvis Costello, Diana Ross, and many more, this music show will entertain you every single moment. Music from the Donna Summer show will get you pumped up in summer. With music like “All You Want” “Wish You Were Here”, “Movin’ Out” “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” “Just Can’t Stop” “I’m a believer” “My Heart Will Go On” and more, summer’s music was the soundtrack to my childhood summers. I can remember singing along with the summer in our backyard as we watched TV.

The show’s opening and closing music are a combination of songs summer recorded on her albums, “Summertime by Myself “The Magic of Making Up” and other great songs from her career. These songs are performed by a group of dancers dressed in costumes and performing in front of a large screen and the audience. The dancing is fabulous and the show just gets better as the show goes on. In addition to music from the show, there are special features that you definitely won’t want to miss.

James Black writes and performs each number and then segues between music, so you never stop hearing them. In addition to the music, there are also a few fun facts about the singer and music industry behind each number that you may not have known. This is one show you don’t want to miss out on!