Hamilton – An American Musical

Hamilton: An American Musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda is a rousing sung-and-sung-through musical about the life of America’s first president, Alexander Hamilton. The musical tells the tale of the young American founding father, Alexander Hamilton. Alexander is depicted as the young man who founded the colony of New York, one of the most prominent in the American Revolution. According to legend, Alexander Hamilton was a very wealthy person at the time, but his wealth was stolen by a few of his partners. He was later forced to live in New Jersey, which was where he later launched his journey to become America’s first President.


When Hamilton became President, he continued to make improvements on the country’s infrastructure, which led him to take on more responsibilities. He even began working with Congressmen on various issues related to the United States’ government. But all that came to an end when he fell ill, which became a major cause of concern for those who were close to him. While undergoing treatment, Hamilton died. This, of course, left America in mourning, which is where the Hamilton musical comes into play.

In the Hamilton musical depicts the rise and fall of the first President, Alexander Hamilton, through various acts and situations. Each act, or “situation”, is different, as it relates to the overall plot line of the musical. It also shows how Alexander’s rise to power eventually brought about his downfall. The Hamilton musical tells the full story of Alexander Hamilton, the first president of the United States of America. It also covers many other aspects of his life such as his relationship with Congressmen, his relationship with women, his relationships with his children, his political career, and many more. The Hamilton musical is a true representation of Hamilton’s legacy as a leader and the achievements that he has made in his life.